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High Insulation masking tape for fixing SUS and chip when Semiconductor BGA module manufacturing (fo

Dec 27, 2017 |
High Insulation masking tape is a single coated high heat resistance tape used for Semi conductor BGA module manufacturing. It is general used silicone tape laminated with fluorosilicone release liner ... Read more

Anti-static semi-conductive silicone PSA PET tape/film (Fluorosilicone Release Liner, die cut possib

Dec 27, 2017 |
Semi-conductive Polyester Tape is a highly heat resistance & Excellent Insulation effect used for masking purpose. It is single coated with silicone adhesive and PET base film. Its also laminated with ... Read more

Soldering masking rubber tape (Hot air leveling tape, rubber PET tape)

Dec 27, 2017 |
Soldering masking rubber tape, also known as rubber PET tape, are ideal for use in solder wave masking and high temperature paint operations. These Soldering masking rubber tape are also recognized as ... Read more

High Temperature Masking Tape for PCB manufacture & Reflow process (Anti-static treatment)

Dec 27, 2017 |
Masking Tape with polyester film and blended silicone adhesive used for PCB masking and other high temperature applications. It is also high Temperature Masking Tape for PCB manufacture & Reflow ... Read more

General Masking Tape for powder coating

Dec 27, 2017 |
Green Powder Coating Masking Tape, a high performance tape based on polyester film with silicone adhesive used for insulation masking / splicing of various surfaces. It is high heat resistane and ... Read more

Silicone removal tape (PET film) high heat resistance & Insulation, protecting hard coated surface

Dec 28, 2017 |
Silicone removal PET Film, a high pressure sensitive single sided silicone adhesive tape based on polyester film with low adhesion. Silicone tape is a high heat resistant tape with no residue after ... Read more


Dec 28, 2017 |
Carrier tapes are a standout amongst the most basic parts for conveying your item securely to your client. As a main maker of transporter tapes and bearer tape shaping frameworks, Daest Coating offers ... Read more

PMMA screen protector Silicone Polyolefin film TAPE for Bezel, TV frame etc.

Dec 28, 2017 |
Screen protector silicone film protects from damage during manufacturing or transportation. It prevent damage(Scratch, Strain) on Product such as smart phone window, Glass, PMMA,PC,Bezel. ... Read more

High quality Korean anti-static UV tape (UV irradiation acrylic release tape)

Dec 28, 2017 |
UV Tape is polyster based single coated acrylic adhesive tape has high heat resistant and high adhesion strength with excellent initial tack. The product is coated with layer of acrylic adhesive, PET ... Read more

Framing House

Jan 6, 2018 |
Wholesale manufactures of high quality wooden and Synthetic Italian picture frames. Also in-house Printing Studio offering fine art quality Digital photo and canvas printings. Other services involves ... Read more

Insulation Acrylic tape for electronic/electric component (heat resistance, great adhesion to poly-c

Jan 2, 2018 |
Insulation Acrylic tape is an acrylic based adhesive and PET film containing the peel strength 1600gf/in with total thickness of 60um. Its good heat resistance tested in 120degree heating oven. ... Read more

Sealing tape for battery cell (Seal tape, Cell insulation, Cell finishing, lithium-ion, lithium-poly

Jan 3, 2018 |
Battery Sealing Tape with high chemical resistance and high adhesion due to special Acrylic adhesive that can be used for fixing a battery and other parts. It is also use for finishing / For ... Read more

BATTERY Cell Electrolyte Sealing Tape

Jan 3, 2018 |
BATTERY Cell Electrolyte Sealing Tape, single sided acrylic adhesive tape with high chemical resistance and high adhesion used for a battery of portable electronic equipment. ... Read more


Feb 15, 2018 |
Our unique Crypto Forex investment solution provides our clients with an opportunity to grow their investment in the secured safe environment. There's no complex Forex trading systems to learn. There ... Read more

Chemical storage tank manufacturer Saudi Arabia

May 5, 2018 |
Your search for best Chemical storage tank manufacturer Saudi Arabia ends here. We are one of the leading suppliers of ISO tank container for Saudi Arabia. ... Read more

Work from home

May 8, 2018 |
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May 28, 2018 |
Professional Audit Service By Certified Auditing Firm In Dubai. Our management is experienced and skilled chartered accountant and provides best solution to SME business across UAE. ... Read more

used offset printing machine

May 28, 2018 |
deals in selling of used offsett machines ... Read more

Fire Extinguisher Sales & Service

May 30, 2018 |
We are well managed by a team of highly qualified and experienced fire officers, engineers, skilled technicians and mechanics ready to take on any job of whatsoever nature and volume. We have to ... Read more


Jun 5, 2018 |
We are in DM Services.... ... Read more